It'll blow your mind.

At the Rug Club our main goal is to provide a service and a platform for rug dealers to sell and buy rugs. What we at the Rug Club and what this website will do is operate as a rug broker for strictly retail-to-retail business. The way this works is that we take your rugs and everybody else and centralize it to put all into one system that rug dealers can use. Why would you or other dealers want to use this? Simple, how many times has a customer walked into your store, liked a rug but needs it in a different size. Well that’s great if you have that size or the customer doesn’t mind waiting to have one made. But in most cases the customer doesn’t want to wait. Now you’ll be able to see if that rug is available anywhere else in the country, that way you don’t lose the sale. If that’s not enough of a reason, then what about wanting to sell rugs. Cause want this site and platform provides is just simply another way for you to sell more rugs.

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